Casio to release third G-SHOCK Rui Hachimura signature model

Casio have released the DW-6900RH, a new addition to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches.

The DW-6900RH is the third signature model designed in collaboration with professional basketball player Rui Hachimura, who plays in the NBA.

Hachimura not only plays for the Washington Wizards, but is also a key member of the Japanese national basketball team. Casio signed a global partnership agreement with Hachimura in November 2019 to support him as he pursues great things.

The new DW-6900RH is a signature model designed in collaboration with Hachimura. This design begins with the shock-resistant DW-6900, nicknamed the “three-eyed watch” because of the row of three indicators on the dial, and highlights the Tateyama mountain range in Hachimura’s home prefecture of Toyama.

The dial is printed with a contour map of the Tateyama mountain range, while the light-blue printing on the white band represents majestic snow-capped peaks. As befits a signature model, RUI HACHIMURA adorns the watch glass and his signature “Black Samurai” logo features on the case back, the LCD when the backlight is on, and the special packaging. The invigorating light blue and white colour scheme draws on Hachimura’s roots, bringing to life the melting snow of the Japanese Alps.

Hachimura had this to say about his latest signature timepiece: “I designed this third model based on the image of the Tateyama Mountains in my hometown of Toyama, a place that holds fond memories for me, with the bright colours and the great view of Tateyama as a motif. I hope you all enjoy it!”

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