Chris “The Magician” Melling joins the Cuetec team

Chris “The Magician” Melling has joined the Cuetec Team of Professional Players and Brand Ambassadors.

A multi-disciplinary maestro in cue sports, Melling joins Cuetec with a dynamic resume that includes stand-out titles in 9-Ball, 8-Ball, English Blackball, and Chinese 8-Ball. The Englishman has represented team Europe twice at the Mosconi Cup, with his side emerging victorious on both occasions, and has won the Mosconi Cup MVP award as well. Chris also holds two WEPF World Eightball Titles and he has even competed on the World Snooker Tour.

“Chris’s game and resume really speak for themselves. His creativity can be seen every time he competes, no matter what game he’s playing,” said Cuetec Brand Manager Brett Garson. “He see’s things a lot of us wish we did at the table, and that makes it a joy to watch him play.”

“Cuetec has been growing into quite the force over the past few years, and I see no signs of that slowing down anytime soon,” said Melling when asked about his new sponsor. “I’m just really excited to begin this next chapter of my career with Team Cuetec.”

Melling will be representing Cuetec on the table with a plethora of new equipment. His playing butt, a Cynergy Truewood II Ebony cue will paired with several Cynergy shafts depending on the game. Chris will be utilizing the Cynergy 11.8 for 9-Ball, the Cynergy 10.5 for Chinese 8-Ball, and a new Cynergy prototype for the UK’s Ultimate Pool.

“When I tried these three shafts, I was so impressed. They all play great, but they each bring something different and unique to each discipline. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job, and the trust I have in my new equipment has me excited to get to my first event,” said Melling.

“Our family keeps growing. We’re happy to have been able to add Chris to our team,” said Cuetec president Jones Chang. “I love watching him play, I see Chris as one of greatest cueists to ever grace our sport. I’m looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes next!”

In signing with Cuetec, Melling joins an exclusive roster that prides itself on team and mutual support, despite this being an individual sport. “I was super excited to hear that Chris was coming on board,” said Cuetec’s Sky Woodward. “I’ll be rooting for him, right up until we play each other. I really like Chris, it’s not his fault he’s from Europe.”

Look for Chris next at Nineball’s World Pool Championships where he’ll get a proper welcome from more of his new teammates.

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