Comfort as a catalyst: adidas launches new sportswear capsule

Born from sport with comfort at its core, today, adidas drops an all-new sportswear capsule. The collection is inspired by the way the next generation continues to turn tradition on its head with how they move through the world, opting for a fresh comfort-first mindset and rejecting old-world pressures.

To get closer to this mindset, adidas reached out to uncover more about the rise of the cosy fit. Nine in ten believe the clothes they wear impact how mentally comfortable they feel, and over three quarters say they are more likely to thrive in multiple aspects of life when rooted in a true feeling of comfort. With this in mind, adidas’ sportswear capsule is built for next-level comfort both at home and on the streets with a full collection of casual, stylish fits for both men and women.

Fronted by a raft of next generation trailblazers, including global award-winning actress Hoyeon, US gymnast sensation Nia Dennis, American football superstar Tua Tagavailoa, and Chinese national sprinting champion Xie Zhenye, the campaign reveals how choosing comfort in mind and body has given them confidence, more internal headspace, and the ability to embrace any challenges within their journey of progress.

Delving deeper, adidas also found that three-quarters believe the feeling of comfort helps them be more ambitious as well as pursue causes they care about, whilst over half say their confidence is boosted when wearing comfortable apparel. In China, comfortable clothes are related more to life success and achievements, whereas in Japan, the community believes in being able to express themselves better. Meanwhile, in the UK and US, relaxed apparel relates to feeling more comfortable within themselves.

Inspired by these collective insights, the all-new capsule features a selection of versatile pieces that offer a minimalist aesthetic and cloud-like comfort, with several pieces also made in part with recycled materials. Each garment has a relaxed fit and is ideal for those looking to level up their everyday sport streetwear style whilst remaining cosy throughout the day.

Key looks include:

• Women’s Rib Dress: A straight minimalist silhouette in block-colour black, which can be worn individually or layered for a more expressive look. Features a twister racerback detail, crew neck cut, and side split hem for an added edge

• Men’s Classic Tee paired with Woven Pants and Coach Jacket: Paying homage to sport heritage, the woven pants and coach jacket offer an oversized and relaxed fit, in a neutral but bold colour pairing. The ribbed crewneck tee complements the look with a stylish mixture of textures

• Women’s Oversized Hoodie with Rib Crop Top and Biker Shorts: A muted pastel toned top designed with a cropped hem and matching shorts in soft rib knit material, creating an effortless fresh but cosy look which can be easily layered with a slouchy oversized hoodie

• Men’s Fleece Hoodie layered over Oversized Tee and Fleece Shorts: Relaxed fit basic tee with a vibrant red block logo paired with a boxy hooded jumper which boasts an oversized aesthetic. Complemented by baggy fleece-lined shorts ensures comfort through every move and moment

Speaking about the collection, Jo Aberg, Vice President Design at adidas, said: “Gone are the days where conforming to traditions is the norm. Instead, we are seeing the rise of a comfort-first mindset amongst the next generation and the consensus that living in this feeling is how they thrive. We also know that when it comes to self-confidence, being comfortable with who they are and what they wear has a huge impact on their lives. With this very much our inspiration, our new capsule fuses fresh looks with optimum comfort and fit and looks to serve the next generation as they drive culture forward and move through the world with purpose.”

Speaking about the design journey, Rob Lee, Vice President Brand Expression at adidas, said: “Taking inspiration and combining and remixing the best pieces across our entire portfolio, from performance to fashion, we set out to create a capsule that takes fit and comfort to the next level. When designing each look, we pinpointed the styles and silhouettes that carry all-round versatility, before landing on the modern remix twists, neutral color palettes and the best fabrics that would bring it all to life. Everything that we created kept the wearer’s experience in mind – we wanted to make sure they felt fresh – and I definitely think that these key looks do exactly that!”

The role of comfort being a catalyst is celebrated in the campaign as a collective of adidas partners share the power of choosing a comfort-first mindset and the inspiring impact it has had on their life.

Speaking about the campaign and collection Hoyeon shared: “Opting for comfort continues to prove so valuable in many aspects of my life. Whether this be me taking a moment to relax on set and feel comfortable within myself before the next take or choosing looks that give me an inner confidence and comfort in my own skin, this mindset and approach continues to help me progress and evolve.

This is largely why I was so drawn to adidas’ new capsule and feel so in tune with the message its inspired by. The pieces really capture the beauty and balance between minimalistic design, cosy fit and stylish aesthetic. The signature piece for me is the ribbed dress with its subtle detailing which elevates its simplicity and gives a fresh everyday look.”

The adidas sportswear capsule is available worldwide from June 15 on the adidas website, in stores and via the adidas app, with early access available from June 9.

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