DW Fitness First launches campaign to give staff extra paid breaks to exercise

This National Fitness Day, DW Fitness First is pioneering a new lunchtime fitness concept, the Healthy Half Hour, encouraging companies across the UK to give their staff half an hour extra paid lunch break if their employees pledge to do something active.

Martin Long, CEO of DW Fitness First, has pioneered the new scheme, which launches this week, encouraging his staff at the retailer & gym operator’s HQ and at branches across the country to get active during their lunch break to promote a healthy workplace and work / life balance. Activities that they can do include everything from attending a gym class, to going for a long walk and more besides.

England Athletics, governing body for running and athletics in the UK, has also pledged that its staff will join the campaign.

Martin Long, CEO of DW Fitness First, said: “Encouraging employees to lead an active lifestyle and have a work-life balance is paramount. Research has proved a significant increase in productivity when employees exercise within their lunch break. This small change in habit offers an afternoon reset moment, ensuring energy carries through the entire working day. Our people are at the heart of our business and ensuring they have the energy to provide a great service to our customers is important. This heightened productivity and positivity offers immeasurable business and personal benefits and is something I am keen for all CEOs to implement, without a doubt they will see marked rewards.”

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, added: “Taking the time to do something fit and healthy at lunchtime is important for everyone- from a business perspective and also for the individual employee. Getting away from a desk promotes a healthy heart and a healthy mind, and we’ve seen the changes in positive mind set and decision making as part of it. Having a healthy work life balance is something we promote at England Athletics and we’re pleased to get behind DW Fitness First’s Healthy Half Hour campaign.”

Dr Jill Owen, Sports Psychologist, said: “Studies show exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a focused mind. The benefits to leaving your desk to do something active at lunch time are endless, and will only add value for employers in the long run.”

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