HUUB’s new Heated Trousers break records at the UCI Track Cycling World Cup

HUUB’s Fellowship of Speed (FOS) bring you the first Heated Trousers designed specifically for high-performance sport.

The trousers helped many nations maximise their cycling performance at the recent UCI Track Cycling World Cup, with Denmark smashing the Team Pursuit World Record three times at the event, winning the gold medal final in 3:44:672.

Other nations to benefit from the Heated Trousers hidden gains were the GB women’s team, where Neah Evans was part of the Team Pursuit squad who finished second. New Zealand collected medals in the Team Pursuit and Madison, as well as taking victory in the Omnium with help from HUUB’s Heated Trousers. Japan’s women’s team competed at the highest level to date with a first-ever World Champs gold as well as a silver medal, and HUUB Wattbike’s USA athlete Ashton Lambie took second in the Individual Pursuit. Malaysia also made multiple podiums with support from HUUB’s revolutionary Heated Trousers.

Actively heating key muscle groups at an optimal temperature of 43 degrees, the trousers were designed for Olympians to compete at the highest level. Scientifically proven to increase performance, the trousers will prepare you for an event with eight inbuilt heating elements, while also allowing you freedom of movement pre-competition.

Dan Bigham, Aerodynamicist and cyclist for HUUB Wattbike and Ribble Weldtite has been part of the development process via HUUB’s Fellowship of Speed. He said: “The trousers help release hidden gains by warming the muscles to enable maximum performance because warm muscles are more aerobic and more elastic, which then perform better to hit your PB and help you gain those extra percent.”

Research done by fellow Steve Faulkner (Sports Engineering & Physiology, Nottingham Trent University) has proved that 43 degrees is the optimal temperature for increased blood flow, increased performance, and injury reduction. Following his scientific testing he concluded: “There is often a lot of downtime between warming up and being on the start line of a race, so the heated trouser was developed to prevent the benefits of your warm-up being lost, or your training being wasted. The heated trousers maintain elevated muscle temperature post-warm-up, leading to a 9.6 per cent increase in cycling power compared to a control group.”

Heated Trousers also improve recovery by stimulating area-specific blood flow, therefore, increasing blood lactate removal, reducing inflammation and fluid build-up. Put the Heated Trousers on post-competition or after training to start seeing quicker recovery. Include them as part of your active recovery routine, to bring the same benefits without using as much energy. Boost recovery and reduce the onset of DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness), stiffness or pain, and increase joint motion due to increased blood flow and cell waste removal.

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