Intersport show beats the big freeze

Despite taking place during some of the worst weather conditions for 30 years, snow blizzards, widespread ice and sub-zero temperatures couldn’t freeze the atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm that prevailed during Intersport’s Q3 2010 show on January 6-7.

Undaunted, 46 of Intersport’s 66 members, as well as suppliers, showed great enterprise as they made their way across a frozen Britain to attend the event.

And after the show, congratulations from members and suppliers were quick to arrive.

Lester Giles of Giles Sports, Toys and Cycles praised “…a great show and superb quiz night”, Simon Hussey of Clubsport applauded a “fantastic show…professionally run from start to finish”, while plaudits came from Adrian Giblett of Tony Pryce Sports, who sent congratulations to the Intersport team for “…an excellent Q3 show…everything ran smoothly and all the staff were so helpful. The hotel and social night were excellent.”

Debra Beckwith of Rohnisch offered her thanks for a “great show”, adding: “The Question of Sport was excellent and well received by all who attended.” Mike Boyes of Nike said: “…we had a great show…a great reflection on you and your team’s efforts.”

Darren Bird of Reydon Sports said: “The mood of the members and the orders placed were very positive…thanks for an enjoyable social evening during the show.”

“The event is increasingly becoming a major showpiece for the industry, as well as a great social occasion,” says Barry Mellis, Intersport’s general manager. “I was particularly impressed with the positive mood and a general feeling of renewed optimism that was present at the show. I was also delighted to welcome more new members to the Intersport banner.

“Our retailing community and extended family of brands form part of the backbone of the British economy, and when we as an industry flourish the country prospers too. I was heartened by the sense of confidence that has returned to the market and buoyed by the get-up-and-go feeling that was evident all around the show.

“I must also say what a testament to true grit it was when so many braved the elements to be with us, and I know that they were not disappointed.

“I believe, as an industry, we are slowly making our way from the confines of an economic ice box and although the upturn may initially be gradual, in some sectors slightly fragile, I do feel that we can all start to look forward to better times ahead.”

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