Jess Sims officially becomes part of the Jordan Brand family

Jess Sims, a top Peloton instructor, in-game host for the New York Liberty and the newest ESPN College Game Day host, has joined the Jordan Brand family.

Jordan Brand and Jess Sims share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sport while energizing the next generation of athletes. Sims’ career—from working with Teach for America to helping millions of people reach their fitness aims—has focused on using sport to create change and reach new audiences.

“Jordan Brand has been in my life since my dad first introduced me to the sport of basketball and the GOAT that is Michael Jordan, and now it’s fully integrated in my fitness, lifestyle and professional worlds,” says Sims. “Amplifying women, particularly women in sports, has been a huge passion and mission of mine. Together with Jordan Brand, I will continue to empower women to take up space—to not be afraid of our physical strength.”

Together, Jordan Brand and Sims aim to drive education around the importance of the mind-body connection and amplify the voices of women through transformative storytelling. Sims’ new role with College Game Day provides a unique opportunity to ignite cultural conversations beyond the field of play.

The high visibility of in-game sports hosts creates the ability to use the power of personal expression to bridge the intersections between fashion and sport by fusing independent fashion with a performance environment. Jordan Brand believes there is an opportunity to lead with purpose and amplify the voices of women, specifically creatives and fashion designers, through partnerships with athletes like Sims.

“We are elated to welcome Jess into the Jordan Family. She is more than a Peloton trainer. She is an athlete, an educator and a role model for young girls and woman all over the globe. Her authenticity to sport, passion for purpose and grit to break into new spaces speak to her embodiment of ‘Jordan DNA’ and the values this Brand is built upon. And we are honoured to celebrate and partner with Jess as she continues to expand beyond the fitness world,” says Jasmine Jordan, Jordan Brand Women’s Sports Marketing.

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