KEEN donates to Australia Bushfire Relief

KEEN Footwear will be donating ten per cent of all sales at to Australia bushfire relief.

The fundraiser will run until January 21, 2020, and will be focused on providing volunteer firefighting brigades in New South Wales advanced equipment and gear needed to battle the blazes. KEEN will also literally get boots on the ground by donating more than 3,000 pairs of work boots to firefighters throughout the region, many of whom are volunteers. Beyond financial and product support, KEEN employees are also sewing ‘marsupial pouches’ to comfort injured and displaced animals for wildlife rescue organisations in Australia.

Chris Enlow, Senior Director of KEEN Effect, said: “As a values-led organisation dedicated to conservation, supporting communities impacted by natural disasters has been part of our DNA from the beginning. Our hearts go out to the people and wildlife effected by these devastating fires and we hope our actions will inspire others to help.”

KEEN is joined by its Australian distribution partner, Phoenix Leisure Group (PLG) in donating ten per cent of their sales during this fundraiser who will be supplying the boots and helping distribute them in the region. To date, the fires have claimed 25 human lives and burned 17.9 million acres. Ecologists with the University of Sydney estimate half a billion birds, reptiles and mammals have been impacted – millions of animals are suspected dead.

Enlow said: “When a tragedy like this is so far away, but truly hits home for many of our employees – we’re continually impressed about how we can come together as a company and contribute in meaningful ways.”
Taking action has been part of KEEN since its inception, donating $1 million to the Indonesian Tsunami relief efforts in 2004. Since that time, KEEN has donated more than $19 million to nonprofit organizations and causes around the world through disaster relief, shoe donations and grants.

Learn more about how KEEN take action here.

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