Montane launch campaign to inspire upcoming trail runners

Ahead of the summer race season, British outdoor brand, Montane has produced an amateur’s guide to ultra-running with the aim of educating and encouraging those new to the discipline or looking to start.

Through a series of videos entitled Crash Course, the brand synonymous with technical outdoor gear, is looking to reach an audience that may not have traditionally been part of the running scene. The Crash Course series looks to provide an accessible introduction to trail running at a time when the sport is growing in popularity. The Crash Course series intends to educate more people looking for the next challenge and help bring ultra-running to the mainstream.

Produced and presented by adventurer James Cummings, each video in the series provides an enlightening and witty snapshot into what participants can expect from an ultra-running event from the perspective of an amateur, filled with engaging top tips, personal anecdotes and real-life experiences.

Montane’s Global Marketing Manager, Matthew Hickman, said: “As a brand we encourage customers to push the boundaries of what is possible, to discover and experience more. In launching Crash Course, we are looking to do just that. Our aim is to reach an audience that may have been put off from entering ultra-running races because they viewed them as inaccessible until now. The hope is to inspire those looking to take on a new challenge and offer that guidance in a light-hearted and obtainable way. Montane is looking to help to bring ultra-running into the mainstream and the series of videos are one way in which we can achieve this.”

Presenter, James Cummings, said: “Montane have taken the brave step of putting their brand right at the centre of a sport which is full of uncertainty; so much can go wrong when taking endurance challenges to these levels, but therein lies the intrigue and simultaneously the reason I was so keen to get on board with the Crash Course project. To be a part of the mission to bring these sports to the masses is a real privilege, and the team behind this project have all been blown away by what we have seen at the events.”

To coincide with the Lakeland 100 race, the brand will launch the first edition of Crash Course on 26th July featuring the ‘ultra-tour of the Lake District’, encompassing the whole of the Lakeland fells. The Crash Course series will be made up of four core races across the event calendar, each 25 minutes in length, with each video focusing on the experience of a specific race such as Dragon’s Back Race, Winter Spine Race and Summer Spine Race.

Watch the trailer to find out more:

More information on the Crash Course team can be found here:

More information on the Lakeland 50 & 100 races can be found here:

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