Muc-Off offers support to the NHS during coronavirus lockdown

Muc-Off has offered its support to the NHS during the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown.

Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO, said: “Watching the enormity of the pandemic play out across the world has been a nightmare on so many levels. Supply chains started slowing and then retail took a hit as lockdown started to grip the globe.”

Alex and the team created two short-term goals, to keep the business going with the team intact and take the fight to COVID-19 by supporting front line key workers in the NHS.

Ales said: “We needed to manage our cash really carefully and balance the team to ensure that we could get to an operating structure where we weren’t slamming on the brakes while having enough gas in the tank to safeguard the future of the business and our people.”

With the team set, Muc-Off put their support programme for the NHS into gear. Within hours of making the call about the new plan, offers were out to multiple branches of the NHS offering immediate support. From swift offers came equally swift replies and suddenly thousands of antibacterial products were heading to nurses and paramedics across the UK.

Alex added: “We view our NHS support like racing. Get a strong start and then generate sustained momentum until the finish.”

For this reason, Muc-Off has not only been deploying its initial support to the NHS, but more is yet to come. Bottle supplies have been diverted to help producers of sanitisers, anti-bacterial moisturising creams (normally used for saddle soreness) are being used as moisturisers for ITU nurses to help with chaffing from their face masks.

Even the R&D team, who usually test chain lube efficiency, have turned their 3D printer to non-stop production of PPE faceguards for local hospitals. The business is also pledging to donate 100,000 anti-bac products to front line NHS workers as part of project now dubbed “Anti-Bac Fight Back”. Alex said: “We created our Anti-Bac Fight Back programme to operate on three fronts. Supporting our front line workers, help people protect themselves and invest in the World Health Organisation to help whip COVID-19.”

Muc-Off have created a new range of Anti-Bac sanitisers and gels for personal, household and tech care. This new range has been fast tracked for this month.

Muc-Off have teamed up with a local distiller, Conker Spirit, to provide bottles for sanitiser production destined for the NHS as well as working with Beryl Bikes, the British Bike Share Scheme, to supply NHS commuters across the country with anti-bac equipment cleaner.

Muc-Off will also be playing its part in taking the fight to COVID-19 across the world with ten per cent of profits from its new range of anti-bac sanitisers and gels being donated to the World Health Organisations COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Full details of the Muc-Off Anti-Bac Fight back programme can be found at where visitors will also have an opportunity to make donations to the World Health Organisation COVID-19 fund.

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