New home of price comparison for runners launches in UK

A new website has launched in the UK with the aim of becoming the home of price comparison for runners, helping athletes of all abilities find the right running shoes quickly at the very best prices.

geerly is the brainchild of Tom Green, a London based ex-BBC radio producer and amateur runner. Clocking up around 2000 miles per year, he found it time-consuming and frustrating having to scour the internet for the best price for a particular shoe model in a particular size every few months when replacing his running shoes.

“At the start of the pandemic I was out of work and looking for a new challenge so, knowing that a lot of other runners have similar frustrations, I decided to do something about it”, says Green.

Fast forward two years, with Green having retrained as a software developer to bring the idea to fruition, the site has now launched.

Currently geerly lists over 1,700 running shoes, boots and watches, with prices compared across 25 stores and counting. The team plans to expand into the US later in the year.

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