NIKWAX launches its Chemical Management System

Nikwax, the global leader in innovative, environmentally safe aftercare and waterproofing solutions, extends its commitment to human and environmental safety as part of its Sustainability Roadmap 2025.

Nikwax continues to lead the field in outdoor industry safety by implementing a Chemical Management System (CMS) that looks after its employees, its customers, and the environment through precise, safe management of chemical substances. It also demonstrates the sustainable qualities of Nikwax products.

The Nikwax CMS goes above and beyond legal requirements to eliminate hazardous chemistry from the entire manufacturing process – from sourcing to bottling. It allows the brand to add chemicals of concern to its unique Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), ensuring they react quickly to emerging safety evidence so that nothing dangerous comes in, or gets out into people’s homes and the environment.

“Nikwax has had a long, proud history of ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to the selection of safer chemistry, including the complete avoidance of PFC’s. The new Chemical Management System takes this even further, ensuring that nothing hazardous has been present in our manufacturing processes. We are going beyond industry best practice to ensure our products continue to be safer for people, and our planet,” said Tim Pickering, Director of Product and Brand.

The CMS is one of 20 sustainability projects that will help Nikwax fulfill its goals and champion transparency by demonstrating it does exactly what the company says it does – not exposing humans and the environment to hazardous chemistry. Outdoor industry companies have a fundamental responsibility to help preserve the natural environment and its people, and Nikwax will play a crucial role in reshaping the industry and beyond, for future generations to come.

In the attached press release there are details on the five key principles in place to ensure the safe processing of Nikwax chemicals and information on the three auditing procedures to prove the veracity of its CMS and the brand’s core commitment to transparency.

Nikwax has published its CMS Policy Manual and the methodology behind its integration into its ISO 9001 audits:

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