Built For Athletes announces new signing: CrossFit games athlete Nick Mathew

Built For Athletes, a premium fitness brand which specialises in high-quality bags, luggage and accessories for elite and everyday athletes, has announced CrossFit Games finalist and Rookie of the Year, Nick Mathew as its latest athlete signing.

As a British brand born at the heart of the CrossFit community, the move signals Built For Athletes’ rapid global growth and expansion within the CrossFit space, as a result of years of intrinsic research and product testing to provide the ultimate bag for athletes.

Nick has grit and determination running through his veins – a character trait synonymous with Built For Athletes core values – a dedication to surpass limits and strive for continuous improvement. In addition to being a CrossFit athlete, he is also a father, gym owner and coach, juggling all these elements on a day-to-day basis. Nick is an inspiration proving that with hard work and relentless dedication anyone can go after their biggest ambitions. Nick and Built For Athletes share a passion for unapologetic style, peak performance and endurance, making them the ultimate team.

Nick Mathew, CrossFit Athlete, “I consider myself an average man who has developed a great talent for CrossFit through hard graft and dedication. I’m beyond excited to work with a brand in Built For Athletes that recognises this, which is a trait I try to instil daily into the people around me as a gym owner and coach. Their products have already made my life so much easier as I’m often at the gym for very long periods training and coaching – being able to fit everything I need into one bag that looks that good is an absolute dream!”

Nick’s journey to becoming a professional CrossFit athlete is unique. His journey has been anything but easy, spending years competing at Semi-final level until he not only qualified for the 2022 CrossFit Games but earned the prestigious title of Rookie of the Year*. Crowds and fans were not only drawn towards his skills, but also his abundance of personality and unique fashion choice of sporting a crop top. His passion for the signature look mirrors the Built For Athletes motto of being unapologetically stylish, whilst getting the work done.

Nick Costello, CEO of Built for Athletes, “We’re so proud to sign Nick Mathew as one of our athletes. He truly represents all that Built For Athletes stands for – working hard for the best results. His journey as a CrossFit athlete has been inspirational and we cannot wait to work with him and develop our relationship further. We are very excited for what the future holds with Built For Athletes and Nick, and we hope to add value to his life around training, competition and the every-day.”

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