Power Plate announce new Vice President for UK & Ireland

Power Plate, the global leader in advanced technology vibration equipment, has announced a new Vice President of UK and Ireland.

Iain Murray has been appointed as Vice President UK and Ireland to drive forward the business into new and existing markets.

As part of the leadership team, Iain has been heavily involved in the development of new products and is responsible for leading the UK team as well as creating business strategies and sales systems to ensure the success of Power Plate in UK and Ireland.

Iain Murray said: “I am excited to move into a senior leadership role within Power Plate and assist with decision making at a critical level. It is vital that we have the infrastructure to support both our internal and external stakeholders as we continue to scale. I believe that Power Plate now has an exceptional team in place to enable growth as we explore new markets, whilst continuing to provide the best experience to our existing customers.”

In December 2022, Power Plate launched REV – an unparalleled new fitness experience that provides businesses with an opportunity for growth and differentiation whilst supporting users with preparation, performance and recovery. The REV features Power Plate’s patent-pending VibeShift™ Technology delivering consistent, safe, precise, and predictable effective vibration through the pedals to maximize the intensity of your workouts. The self-powered vibration gives you a significant increase in muscle activation, calorie burn, and cardiovascular effort while cycling. This game-changing product can be integrated with other fitness equipment or used as a standalone exercise solution – both scenarios require very different education, sales and marketing strategies in order to thrive.

Power Plate has naturally evolved into a wellbeing brand and now supports many medical, therapy, biohack and workplace wellbeing businesses, enabling more people to feel the benefits that vibration training has to offer.

Iain added: “A big part of our strategy for 2023 and beyond involves working with the right partners to help activate Power Plate in different sectors. A good example of this would be our collaboration with Myzone – allowing customers to see the effectiveness of Power Plate through heart rate tracking and monitoring capabilities.”

With the global wellness market expected to reach $7T by 2025 (GWT) consumers are searching for solutions that serve their health, fitness and wellness goals – Power Plate products sit within this category perfectly with science backed evidence and proven benefits to both mind and body.

Iain’s new role will focus on positioning Power Plate as a comprehensive wellness brand in order to generate revenue and growth.

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