Propel yourself to a personal best with the ASICS MAGIC SPEED 3

ASICS has announced the launch of the MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe, the appropriate partner to help you prepare for and take on race day, which pairs a propulsive experience with lightweight, energetic cushioning.

The MAGIC SPEED 3 benefits, from a full-length carbon plate, enabling runners to achieve their personal best. In the MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe, this plate is sandwiched between the two midsole layers in order to create an even more propulsive toe-off.

To further improve the shoe’s propulsion, both midsole layers are crafted from ASICS’ lightweight FF BLAST PLUS cushioning, making for a more energetic stride and rebound so that runners feel confident in their preparation for race day.
For those runners looking for a versatile race shoe, from 5Ks through to the marathons, the MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe offers the comfort and stability to tackle any distance. The MOTION WRAP upper, made from a lightweight Nexkin material, realizes both high breathability and provides supportive reinforcement on the shoe’s platform.

What’s more, the shoe’s wider basements allow for an improved contact with the ground at footstrike, creating a smoother, more stable and balanced ride for runners as they strive for their personal best.

Hiromichi Otake, Performance Running Footwear, Compete and Trail Development at ASICS, said: “The MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe is packed with the ASICS’s latest technologies. We are excited to see what runners can achieve in the shoe both in the build up to their races and on race day itself. We know that those racing across a variety of distances are always looking to work hard and push themselves to new heights. It’s these people who we hope will benefit from the exceptional propulsion and cushioning of the MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe.”

The MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe is just one of the ways in which ASICS is helping everyone move to achieve a sound mind in a sound body, available for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialists running outlets globally from June 1, 2023, for $160.

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