Rab athlete and adventurer Tamar Valkenier to release new book

A free and adventurous life. That’s what Dutch Rab ambassador Tamar Valkenier wanted. In her new book

“Fulltime Avonturier”, Tamar tells the story of how, at the age of 28, she decided to part with all her belongings and live a life full of uncertainty. “Fulltime Avonturier” will be released on April 7 by Kosmos Uitgevers (in Dutch).

Born in 1986, Tamar Valkenier grew up to become a Michelin star chef and police detective psychologist. Now however, she is a full-time adventurer. For two years she cycled around the world, beginning her journey in Europe before she felt confident to explore beyond. Her adventures took her to Mongolia, where she lived for four months with her horse, a camel and a dog, before a journey walking six hundred kilometres through Jordan.
In “Fulltime Avonturier”, Tamar talks about her unconventional lifestyle and about her passion for wilderness, adventure, animals and ancient cultures. The book tells a story of personal development, of a scared city girl who suffered from panic attacks who overcame her fears to become a courageous woman of adventure.

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