Real Runner – Testing out the new Hurricane 23 shoes from Saucony

Richard Stebbing testing the Hurricane 23 shoes from Saucony a amatuer running so a real test from a real consumer

Coming from a strong lineage, I looked forward to testing out the new Hurricane 23 shoes from Saucony, and it seems like they’ve been rebuilt form the ground up – with performance taking centre stage. The Hurricane 23’s are a premium stability shoe for daily use. Featuring PWRUN+ foam midsole, my first reaction was how springy and comfortable they felt. From first use they felt stable and responsive which didn’t fade after extended trials.

The sizing is spot on, something I find sometimes differs when looking elsewhere. Being size 10.5 I often find myself walking away with size 11’s when choosing my running shoes in store. The toe box is ample, and material upper very forgiving, having tested these with both thin summer socks, and thicker winter and trail socks. They’re also lightweight and breathable, with an element of snugness.

In use these are a very capable shoe. They offer a very smooth ride and satisfying heel impact, curved for the most efficient heel strike offering satisfying return. They boast an 8mm heel drop which I found barely noticeable on both short and longer runs. The curved mid foot sole and toe leads along with the well balanced flex leads to a responsive overall feel. Despite being a highly cushioned shoe, on some runs I found my pace was faster than my perceived exertion.

The build seems highly durable, with very little wear after 70km of testing – and no deterioration of feeling to the bounce. The robust upper is well constructed, and overall the Hurricane 23’s have a premium feel.

The Hurricane 23 is a great shoe, and will nosily driver for many – including myself. They offer a very stable and efficient ride for anyone looking for a good level of cushioning. These won’t necersarily be your 10km race PB shoes, but as a daily driver they are satisfying, comfortable and responsive.

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