Ronhill posts 20% increase in turnover

Says Mike Deegan, CEO of OSC Group, which owns the brand: “We see the market increasing at around five per cent currently, which makes our success even more marked. Whilst our sales have flat-lined over the past few years, I have always believed that Ronhill would eventually take its place as the leading British running apparel brand.”

Analysing the reasons for the company’s recent performance, Deegan says: “As a flexible, light-footed organisation, we are quicker off the mark when it comes to customer service. By using European rather than Far East factories we exercise greater control, which means having the ability to respond faster.

“In this way we can take the stock risk away from the retailer and, at the same time, help to maximise in-season sales at the full margin. We may be a niche player, competing against the market monoliths, but we have always had a very positive attitude which enables us to punch well above our weight.”

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