Ruffwear urges dog owners to doo-doo their part

Ruffwear has unleashed a new range of accessories for adventuring with your dog that help canines and their owners roam further in the outdoors but also be considerate of the impact on the environment when exploring with your dog.

Available in stockists from February 15, the new collection includes practical stash bags that attach to your dog’s lead and hip packs for storing all your essentials close to hand when out and about with your pooch. One product in particular gives dog owners a practical solution to clearing up your dog’s waste when they may not be disposal bins for miles around.

The Ruffwear team designed the Pack Out Bag, as a convenient solution for carrying full pick-up bags in a waterproof and stink proof pouch, hands-free between drop points. It includes adjustable belt for waist-worn transport and an integrated clip for direct attachment to the waist or a backpack.

The design was inspired by the frustration many of us feel when seeing discarded dog waste and poop bags on the paths and trails where we walk. Product developers at Ruffwear designed a solution which allows you to cleanly and hygienically store dog waste for hours and not leave unsightly bags of poop hanging on tree branches or on the ground.

Natalie Sullivan, marketing director for Accapi Group, the exclusive European distributor of Ruffwear, said: “Many in the outdoor community are aware of the ‘leave no trace’ principle of responsible walking, camping and hiking. There’s no reason why these principles shouldn’t apply to our four-legged companions too.

“Our whole purpose at Ruffwear is to make products that enhance human and dog connections outdoors and a huge part of that ethos is ensuring people respect and care for their environment. Whether its epic expeditions or the more everyday adventures, the pack out bag is a simple but highly effective solution to that issue and the bonus is, you don’t have to walk for miles swinging a bag of dog poop in your hand!”

To re-launch the new and improved pack out bag Ruffwear has produced a fun video which shows the behind the design process and encourages people to ‘doo-doo’ their part and not only pick up after their dog on the trails but also sensibly dispose of the poop bags which can take a lot of time to bio-degrade which in turn impacts on wildlife habitats and waterways.

The pack out bag and new collection of adventure accessories is available from Ruffwear stockists across Europe as well as

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