SFuels launches Race+ Gel powder AT 2022 Ironman World Championships

SFuels – one of the leaders in consumer products featuring innovative, right-time right-fuel nutrition for sport, work and life – announces the launch of Race+ Gel and Race+ Bullets as they gear up for the 2022 Ironman World Championships in St. George, Utah from May 3 – 7, 2022.

Race+ Gel is a concentrated powder that mixes into a gel format for efficient in-race fueling. SFuels Race+ uses only pre-digested branch chain starch for carbs and they empty from the gut faster than glucose. Providing a concentration of highly-branched cyclic starches, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and electrolytes, Race+ Gel enables efficient simultaneous fat-carb oxidation and energy, without the typical gut issues of fructose based gels.

“Our Race+ Gel provides rapidly absorbed fast transport carbohydrates and MCTs for stable energy in the fastest, cleanest, environmentally-friendly gel dispensing system on the market, which we call the Race+ Bullet,” said SFuels Co-Founder, Leighton Phillips. “We’re looking forward to our involvement with the Ironman World Championship Expo and having our athletes showing why Race+ Gel is the fastest and cleanest gel on the market.”

Multiple servings of Race+ Gel can be stored in the SFuels Race+ Bullets – a compact, ultra-lightweight one-way valve gel delivery system, making it the only truly environmentally-friendly option on the market. “Athletes are all in on leaving no trace at these races – we want to help athletes leave their mark on the podium, not on the planet,” added Phillips.

Race+ Gel is currently available in Tropical flavour and can be mixed with SFuels PRIMED watermelon or pineapple caffeine powders. SFuels is one of the sponsoring participants in the Ironman Expo, and will be sampling it’s signature training, racing products and the Race+ Gel – in the expo, providing all competing athletes with a sample-bag of products.

SFuels Race+ Gel Powder is gluten-free, and there are no added sugars, artificial colours or flavours. It comes in a 7.93oz container and there are 6 servings per container. Each serving provides 22g of carbohydrates, 6g of fat and 750g of glutamine. SFuels Race+ Gel Powder is sold individually at MSRP of $32.95 and comes with one Race+ Gel Bullet. To purchase, please visit:

SFuels also plans to host a ‘Breakfast by the Water’ on Thursday, May 5, sampling complimentary products for the SFuels and Endure.IQ athletes after their morning swim. Breakfast will be hosted by one of this year’s Age-Group World Championship contenders, Matt Kerr.

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