Snugpak embraces new four-day manufacturing initiative

Snugpak, the UK’s leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, has decided to take a radical new approach to its operational practices.

This will result in an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction across the board, while also reducing Snugpak’s carbon footprint.

After several months of successful trials, Snugpak is taking the progressive step of embracing the opportunities provided by working a four-day week. As a manufacturing company, the traditional short day on a Friday leads to a distinct drop in productivity, not to mention the extra costs and environmental impact of commuting, heating and lighting for only part of a day.

With this in mind, and backed up with evidence of overall increased production and employee satisfaction, the company will change working hours to fall between 8am-5.30pm, Monday to Thursday, with effect from April 3, 2020.

Darren Burrell, Sales Director, said: “Based on independent and government studies, including Sweden’s six-hour workday experiments, many companies in the UK and abroad are starting to rethink the traditional working week, to increase productivity and enhance employee satisfaction through a better work-life balance.

“Those companies which have already taken the leap in reducing working hours or days have seen a reduction in sick days, improved staff morale and increased output. That’s certainly what we’ve found during our trial period and what has ultimately convinced us of the business case, our team were never in any doubt it was a great idea!”

Disruption to customers will be minimal as most sales activity takes place earlier in the week and the focus on despatching orders by Thursday will be positive.

There will be no facilities to accept deliveries on a Friday (the last working Friday, March 27).

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