Sports hydration expert teams up with athlete training platform to help users reach full potential

Sports hydration expert teams up with athlete training platform to help users reach full potential

Leading sports fuelling expert Precision Hydration has teamed up with triathlon training platform TriDot to help athletes perform better for longer.

The UK-based multinational, which provides some of the world’s leading sportspeople with bespoke hydration guidance and products, will work with US-based TriDot to produce a new educational programme designed to optimise triathlete performance.

The content will focus on providing practical guidance on understanding your individual hydration and energy needs in the run-up to an event.

Users can also benefit from a free one-to-one video consultation with experts at Precision Hydration and online tools such as its sweat test and Quick Carb Calculator, both of which help athletes to better understand and plan their fuelling needs during training and events.

Discounts on Precision Hydration’s range of multi-strength electrolyte supplements and Precision Fuel products will be available.

Former elite triathlete Andy Blow, co-founder of Precision Hydration and one of the UK’s leading sports scientists, said: “We’ve been using TriDot’s platform and it’s remarkable. They have the same data-driven mindset around performance as we do, and we’re looking forward to helping their users nail their hydration and fuelling.

“Training, determination and ability are key factors in becoming a better athlete, but they will never reach their full potential without proper hydration and nutrition.

“Factors such as temperature and humidity have a significant impact on how athletes perform because we lose key nutrients such as sodium as we sweat.

“Staying properly hydrated can be the difference between performing at their best for say 75% of an event or 100%.”

TriDot provides bespoke triathlon training and race plans by combining an athlete’s personal data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Its EnviroNorm tool incorporates variables such as temperature, humidity and elevation to adapt a user’s training routine.

Matthew Bach, TriDot’s vice president of marketing, said: “TriDot helps to train athletes to swim, cycle and run to the best of their ability, but without proper hydration and nutrition, they won’t achieve their potential.

“Andy at his team at Precision Hydration have earned respect as leaders in the hydration space due to their integrity and scientifically-backed products.
“Leveraging Precision Hydration’s expertise is a natural way to better educate TriDot athletes so that nothing is holding them back from achieving better performances.”
Precision Hydration has developed hydration and fuelling strategies for elite triathletes including multiple time IRONMAN 70.3 champions Sam Appleton and Emma Pallant-Browne, and Sarah Crowley, who came third at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii in 2019.
The Dorset-based firm also works with a long list of Olympians, as well as teams from the Premier League, Premiership rugby and international teams, the NFL, NBA and F1, including Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Williams Racing.
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