STAG Buying Group to partner with Myagi

The largest sport, shoe, and outdoor buying group in the UK and Ireland, STAG Buying Group, has partnered with a digital software company, Myagi.

With their impressive and growing roster of retailers, STAG’s decision to use Myagi is intended to strengthen these and any future relationships.

STAG hopes to transform the narrative and expand its scope as buying group through supporting members in their pursuit to digitize their business. STAG seeks to offer its partners value beyond just being a medium that bridges the gap between brands and retailers.

Through Myagi, they can ensure that they are able to provide support and increased value to their growing group of retailers.

Myagi is a digital platform used to provide increased collaboration and support between brands and their retailers, in their pursuit of driving product sell-through and customer experience. As a platform, Myagi is well-known within the industry through their work with key retailers and brands in the sports and outdoor space, such as Asics, Burton McCall and New Balance – most of which STAG are already working with.

This provides STAG with the ability to tap into the existing network and leverage the value of Myagi for its members.

With Myagi, STAG also aims to create a platform of crowdsourced knowledge and sharing best practices from the group, as well as promotions, market insight and updates from the brands and retailers they work with.
This will help promote STAG and its partners within the industry, creating a strong foundation for brands to connect and share their content. With this, they hope to create a sense of community with their partner brands and retailers, and be the catalyst for improved collaboration and communication on both sides.

Ward Robertson, Managing Director of the STAG Buying Group, said: “We’re always looking for ways to communicate and support our members and Myagi is the ideal partner for us to do this. This platform will allow us to connect the hundreds of suppliers we work with to our members 365 days a year, sharing information and support collaboration. It will also help us to communicate better with our members to ensure we understand their challenges and can work together to solve them.”

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