Suzanne Shaw completes 4 Ultra marathons in 4 days, raising over £11,000 for Mind

Suzanne Shaw, alongside National Running Show CEO Mike Seaman, completed four back-to-back ultra marathons within the span of four days, all in the name of supporting the remarkable work of mental health charity Mind.

This extraordinary achievement has not only showcased Suzanne’s resilience and determination but has also inspired countless individuals to come forward and contribute to the cause, helping her raise an incredible sum of over £11,000.

The gruelling series of ultra marathons pushed Suzanne’s physical and mental limits as she traversed challenging terrains, battling fatigue and rising temperatures. Donations poured in from friends, family, fans and strangers who were moved by the pair’s unwavering determination to make a difference. Together, their generous contributions have amassed an astonishing £11,000 and counting, demonstrating the depth of compassion and solidarity within the community.

Mind, the chosen beneficiary of Suzanne’s efforts, is a leading mental health charity dedicated to providing invaluable support to those affected by mental health challenges. The funds raised through Suzanne’s awe-inspiring endeavour will contribute to Mind’s ongoing efforts in delivering essential services, such as helplines, community programs, and specialised counselling, to individuals across the nation.

Suzanne Shaw said: “This challenge broke me down in the best way possible, not knowing how far we would be running each day was a real mental battle but seeing the community come together and support me was really humbling. Completing these four ultra marathons has been one of the toughest challenges of my life but knowing that I was doing it to support such a vital cause made every step worthwhile.

“Mental health is an issue close to my heart, and I am overwhelmed by the incredible support I have received from all those who have donated and cheered me on. Together, we have made a significant impact in raising awareness and much-needed funds for Mind.”

As part of a soon-to-be-released documentary, Suzanne is on a mission to understand the complexities of the mind and why one in four people suffer with their mental health in some way every year.

Speaking to experts, mental health sufferers and wellbeing advocates, Suzanne will deep dive into the subject while candidly sharing her own personal mental health story in more detail than she ever has before.

For further information on Suzanne Shaw’s remarkable journey and to contribute to her fundraising efforts, please visit .

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