Swiss Sports brand On runs to its first UK Flagship Store on Regent Street

Hundreds of runners streamed down Regent Street for the opening of On’s first flagship store in London last Thursday night. The #RunToRegentStreet marked the official arrival in the UK’s capital of one of the fastest-growing global sports brands, renowned for their unique CloudTec shoe technology.

On has never been one to stand still (in queues) and is convinced running frees your mind – ready for a new perspective. Based on the motto “No Sweat, No Entry,” the Swiss sports brand called on its fans, ambassadors, sponsored athletes, clubs and crews, studios, and partners to join London’s ‘run to the Oniverse’ and run to the store’s launch party.

There were no Uber drop-offs or lines on the red carpet for this event. Queuing started in the community, with runners descending from their local ends to the West End – on their #RunToRegentStreet. All movers met at 169-173 Regent St., London, to celebrate the brand’s first standalone flagship store in Europe.

“The opening of On London has been long in the making,” says On’s Co-Founder David Allemann. “I remember the day ten years ago when the first UK dealers put On shoes on their shelves for the first time. The launch of our first flagship store in London is another milestone we want to celebrate with our community, fans, and runners here in the UK who have followed our journey this far.”

On has created a design-centric and technology-driven approach to the in-store consumer experience. The three-storey store offers much more than the latest innovations and products and focuses on its community that loves exploring, touching, and discovering with all senses.

On London reflects the brand’s persistent innovation and devotion to creating unique products and experiences for customers everywhere. Located in London’s bustling Regent Street, the store will serve as a seasonal hub for the local running community where runners of all kinds can safely gather to run together and see the latest products and innovations from the brand.

On’s London Flagship Store will be officially open for customers as of February 10, 2023. For more information and opening hours, visit the link here.

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