TAITRA to hold Taipei Cycle+ and TaiSPO+ Exhibitions in May 2020

The Taipei Cycle show and TaiSPO, hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, was originally scheduled to be held from March 4-7.

These two globally significant shows together, would normally attract over 5,000 booths representing industry exhibitors from around the globe. Due to the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), there have been significant developments in the number of travel and logistical restrictions; bringing into question the practicality this year’s planned dates.

The resulting restrictions have left many exhibitors unable to travel to, or ship exhibition stands and sample goods to show as travel and freight restrictions start to be put in place. This has led the organisers to make the difficult decision to re-schedule the March 2020 edition of the event.

In these uncertain times, TAITRA stands together with Taiwanese industry and government to stabilize global confidence in Taiwan as the benchmark for sourcing quality and innovation. TAITRA will continue to organise several economic and trade development activities.

Subject to the further development of the outbreak; in 2020, upon the request of those who still need this platform to explore business opportunities, TAITRA will hold the Taipei Cycle+ and TaiSPO+ exhibitions, which will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, from May 14-16.

These special edition versions of these globally important shows will be held to support both the cycling and sporting goods industries. They expect to have companies with bicycles, components, electric bicycles and motor systems, fitness equipment, sportswear, smart sports, sporting services, ball sports, watersports, outdoor supplies and more.

The three-day exhibition will also launch the first ever online exhibition concept, one-to-one procurement meetings, video conferences, and live-stream broadcasting. Services are provided to SMEs who need TAITRA’s assistance to find International customers.

TAITRA will coordinate its 63 international branch offices to invite buyers to visit Taiwan and send out a firm message to ensure confidence in the safety and quality to be expected when trading with Taiwanese companies.
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