Fjallraven appoints Ray Mears as its new UK Bushcraft Ambassador

Two leading bushcraft names will unite this spring as Fjallraven announces the appointment of industry legend, Ray Mears, as its new UK Bushcraft Ambassador.

With an unmatched reputation in the bushcraft arena, Ray Mears is the perfect personality to enable Fjallraven to continue to grow its presence in this market and to help the brand educate enthusiasts about its products, fabrics and sustainability initiatives.

During his career to date, Ray Mears has played a critical role in both widening awareness and inspiring many people to enjoy bushcraft, foraging and slow adventures. With an incredible wealth of outdoor-survival knowledge and experience combined with a real passion for the natural world, Ray Mears is the perfect partner to help Fjallraven achieve its objectives of inspiring and enabling more people to spend time in nature by supplying them with the right knowledge and the right equipment.

Ralph White, Managing Director of Fjallraven UK, said: “In an increasingly complex and highly interconnected world, more and more people are embracing bushcraft as a way to get back to nature. Ray Mears has come to epitomise bushcraft. He articulates it for us, he is responsible for introducing many of us to it and he continues to be a fantastic ambassador for it.

“Fjallraven designs and manufactures products that have long been regarded as a great fit for bushcraft. Our ethical and sustainable values sustain our appeal and bring us to the attention of a growing community. With all of this in mind it is with great delight that we announce this new partnership with Ray. By working closely with him, we will learn much from his insights, wisdom and experience. He will help to explain something crucial about our products to a big audience. Durability, functionality, sustainable production, reparability – these are all features that Ray points to as measures of worth. The value of a garment cannot truly be measured by its selling price. Ray will help us to deliver that message and we are honoured to welcome Ray to Fjallraven UK.”

Ray Mears added: “I’m really pleased to be working with Fjallraven as their new UK Bushcraft Ambassador. Having been a user of their excellent clothing and equipment for many years I am looking forward to supporting their continued growth within the bushcraft market. Hopefully by working together we can continue to inspire more people to discover the wonders of nature and joys of the great outdoors.”

Ray Mears’ role as Fjallraven’s UK Bushcraft Ambassador will started in February and consumers will have a chance to meet him in Fjallraven’s tipi at The Bushcraft Show in May. Further partnership activities will be announced throughout the year and consumers can stay up to date on Fjallraven’s Facebook page.

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