Take part in the Stance Global Running Day Virtual 5K

To celebrate Global Running Day on 5th June, Stance is putting out a call for people to run a virtual 5km.

#GlobalRunningDay is June 5th and Stance will celebrate the power of running with a giveaway for all those running the Global Running Day Virtual 5K.

For a chance to win a toe-to-head Stance running pack, or one of 5 runners up prizes, simply take a pic or video on your run and use #StanceRunClub with your Instagram / TikTok post.

Entries are valid from June 1 – 9, 2024. Winners are picked at random on June 10th.

About Stance

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-expression for the sake of functionality or craftsmanship. Because why would you? Our philosophy is that everything you wear should be a direct extension of who you are and how you feel. An amplifier of your unique energy. A point of view that’s reflected in our product from toe to head. Sure, we’ve done our homework. Innovative materials, unparalleled comfort and colourful constructions that are built to last. Ours is an open invitation to embrace a life of creativity and confidence. We are Stitched Different®.

We are a culture of doers bound by curiosity. Freethinkers who celebrate a life less ordinary. We are called “punks”, and at the same time “poets”. We know that there’s a path but…we’ll just blaze our own.

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