The ISPO Gold Award winning Dual Dry

Want to get wet from the inside or the outside?
Until now, committed runners have always faced this decision when training in rainy weather. You either opt for a waterproof jacket that stays dry from the outside while you get soaked inside by your own sweat. Or you can run in a highly-breathable jacket and let the rain soak through. Whatever you decide, it’s going to be uncomfortably wet. Until now. Thanks to Dual Dry from Odlo.

Dual Dry. It means staying dry inside and out. With this lightweight technology, the Swiss company with Norwegian roots is introducing an innovative Microclimate Management Technology that offers a balance between weather protection and maximum breathability that’s never been seen before. It keeps you comfortably dry while you run, whatever the weather. You can choose between a very light windproof and waterproof version, or an extremely lightweight windproof and water-repellent version. You decide what your most important criteria are.

At the most recent ISPO, the Dual Dry Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket was awarded the Gold Winer in the Running segment by the Jury, having this to say about the revolutionary new membrane jacket was Prof. Dr. Nils Nagel, Managing Director DIFG e.V: “The Odlo Dual Dry Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket provides an innovative, flexible but water resistant layer and can be stored as a very small package. It can be used in different kinds of sport such as running, hiking, cycling. The Jury is therefore convinced by its versatile usage.”
Winning another ISPO Gold Award confirms that once again, Odlo are one step ahead.

DUAL DRY WATERPROOF – super-breathable lightweight laminate
With the Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof Jacket, our functional layer engineers are entering new territory for weather protection. The Odlo Advanced Microclimate Management System, which is designed and works from the inside out, sets new standards. Planning on cancelling running because of bad weather? Not anymore! Now you have zero excuses.
Let’s talk numbers:
1. The Superlight Technology has a 20,000 mm Water column Rating. More than enough.
2. The Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) is 50,000 g/sqm/24 h. Incredible.
3. The Ultralight Laminate weighs only 53 grams per square meter. Resulting in the Men’s L Jacket weighing only 135 grams – A featherweight.
This waterproof, weather-proof jacket is expected to start the new running season with record levels in the breathability and lightweight categories. This is a good kind of climate change.
Odlo has channeled its focus towards convenient, everyday wear with this jacket. All seams are fully sealed, and the hood and waist are adjustable. Both the women’s and the men’s versions have plenty of pocket space too, because keeping your keys and essentials safe is important, even on a run. Important to know: This super-light membrane jacket is not designed for use with a backpack.

DUAL DRY WATER RESISTANT – super-breathable windbreaker
The water-repellent version of Dual Dry Technology is even lighter. This technology is used in the Dual Dry Water Resistant Jacket and you’ll love it as a water-repellent windbreaker that can take a little shower. Odlo relies on a high-quality, Pertex fabric with a super DWR finish (Dual Water Repellent), meaning the water still beads up reliably even after many washes. Because there’s no waterproof membrane or taped seams, the vapour transmission is noticeably higher than in the waterproof version. And in terms of weight, we’re talking a sensational 33 grams per square-metre. The men’s L jacket weighs just 128 grams! It’s like wearing nothing. Dual Dry Water Resistant provides effective protection from wind chill and dangerous cooling. Thanks to the very high breathability of the material, you can enjoy an efficient microclimate even on sweaty runs.

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