The new Gold Standard Protein Shake joins Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard product line

Optimum Nutrition (“ON”), a global leader in sports nutrition, announced today the launch of its new Gold Standard Protein Shake.

The ready-to-drink option brings the world’s number one selling whey protein powder brand – Gold Standard – into a grab-and-go format that proves convenience doesn’t have to compromise quality. The new, versatile drink option provides the ON standard of delicious, designed to delight in chocolate and vanilla flavours, and formulated with 24 grams of protein per serving, so consumers can fuel their day with anytime, anywhere nutrition to meet their performance goals without slowing down.

“It’s no surprise with Americans back on-the-go they are looking for high-quality protein solutions to fuel their nonstop pace – whether that’s in the gym, on the court, or back to class or the office,” said Alan Brooks, brand director at Optimum Nutrition. “With the launch of Gold Standard Protein Shake we aim to deliver a convenient ready-to-drink format that offers the gold standard experience our consumers expect from the leading sports protein brand.”

The shake is fortified with a blend of 24 essential vitamins and minerals to help the body recover and refuel including: vitamins A, C, D, E and zinc to help support a healthy immune system; calcium to help support healthy teeth and bones; B vitamins help convert food to cellular energy; and vitamins A, C and E for antioxidant support. Gold Standard Protein Shakes are designed with versatility in mind – for any time of day, as snack or supplement, all with just 1 gram of sugar and total convenience at 130 calories per serving (vanilla) and 140 calories per serving (chocolate).

To debut this new signature product, ON teamed up with a range of health and fitness enthusiasts nationwide to serve as ON “Fuelled by Gold Standard” partners and show off the versatility of the latest offering. They will showcase just how easy it is to fuel their day beyond the gym with Gold Standard. Ranging from professional athletes with rigorous schedules including ON partners, Taylor Fritz, professional tennis player and Will Lutz, professional football player, to up-and-coming college athletes, fitness enthusiasts and trendsetters committed to inspiring active lifestyles.

“When juggling between practice, family time and traveling for tournaments – I trust Optimum Nutrition’s products to keep me at fuelled at my best,” said Taylor Fritz, professional tennis player and Optimum Nutrition athlete. “The new Gold Standard Protein Shakes have become my go-to when I need to refuel no matter where the day takes me. I just toss it in my bag or my car and can rely on it to support me at the level I need to succeed.”

Starting this month, fans can get an inside look at the daily schedules of ON’s “Fuelled by Gold Standard” partners – be it their training or fitness routine, go-to eating and wellness strategies or how they juggle day-to-day responsibilities. Follow Optimum Nutrition’s Instagram and TikTok channels and #FueledbyGoldStandard to see Sean Fitzsimons, renowned competitive snowboarder attending University of Utah (@seanfitzsimons), Margzetta Frazier, award-winning gymnast attending UCLA (@margzetta), Micah Williams, acclaimed track & field athlete attending college in Oregon (@micahwilliams), and Karen Chen, National Champion figure skater attending Cornell (@karebearsk8).

Both flavours come in 4-count packs for $8.48 and 12-count packs for $24.99, with select sizes and flavours available in-store at Walmart locations nationwide and online at, and

To learn more about Optimum Nutrition’s product portfolio visit and follow @OptimumNutrition on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

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