This 2021, EVERYONE at 2pure is lacing up to “break a sweat” each day of January to help themselves

This year, “we’re gonna get physical.” Spandex is optional but exercise, outside, in daylight, for 30 mins, every day, is mandatory.

We’re supporting RED January 2021 & targeting a whopping £3000 for Sport in Mind – the charity that helps others find joy in life again, through the power of Sport.

January is a tough month, this year it’ll be particularly tough. Recently The Guardian wrote an article that lead with;

“Covid poses ‘greatest threat to mental health since Second World War’.”

We’re all ready & 2pure are supporting each team member with:

-Exercise during daylight hours – so we’re taking in essential Vitamin D & sharing our day with colleagues.

-Pledging £1 per team member per day, as we raise our heart rates. Those £’s add up…

-EVERY team member receives a COROS Wearables Sport watch to track their exercise & monitor their wellbeing.

AND, as If that wasn’t enough…

We’re donating 5% of our DTC COROS Wearables revenue through January. Buy here

To help us help others, here’s our JustGiving page;

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