TYR Wodapalooza and Samsung Electronics America announce partnership around the Galaxy Watch5 series

The TYR Wodapalooza (“WZA”) and Samsung Electronics America just announced an exciting collaboration around the upcoming WZA competitive event season, starting with the online challenge and qualifier and culminating in Miami this January.

The partnership centres around Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro and its diverse and complimentary functionality for both recreational and competitive athletes.

This partnership signifies a first for Samsung, as they look to educate the CrossFit athlete on the Galaxy Watch5 Pro as an essential training tool to maximize their potential as part of their fitness journey.

In addition to enhancements to standard smart wearable features like heartrate tracking and body mass index readings, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro includes workout tracking for all types of metabolic conditioning. While this includes running, rowing, and swimming, it also computes real-time VO2 max “zone” readings. Additionally, the sleep tracking and Advanced Sleep Coaching feature will greatly help manage overall sleep quality, which many athletes know is as important as training hard. Rest assured, without needing to worry that your watch may run out of power or get damaged in rough terrain; the Galaxy Watch5 comes with a large battery and provides eight hours of sleep tracking with just eight minutes of charging. The Galaxy Watch5 has been improved compared to past iterations, the watch itself is simply more durable. Its Sapphire Crystal display enables it to handle the wear-and-tear from barbells and other equipment.

The TYR Wodapalooza, the event owned and operated by Loud And Live, is the perfect platform for Samsung to connect with the passionate CrossFit community. In the qualifying stage, the decade-old event plays host to tens of thousands of competitors vying to earn one of the coveted spots to compete in Miami, but its 2,000 athletes and more than 45,000 attendees that converge in Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park for the final showcase.

Samsung will be on display virtually, bringing accurate finishing times to each event within the broadcast and scoring, and in-person, where they’ll allow attendees of all abilities the chance to physically test the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and its game-changing features in workouts and in other ways across the Bayfront Park venue.

“We are extremely excited to partner with such a legendary brand with products of the highest quality. We couldn’t feel stronger that collectively, this partnership brings us closer to our core focus, of creating an experience that celebrates fitness, community, and ultimately, life. We can’t wait to showcase the Galaxy Watch5 Series, and how together with Samsung, we’ll continue elevating the event,” said Marco Sagrera, Chief Strategy Officer of Loud And Live.

This year’s TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier began September 15th, and runs until October 22nd. The in-person festival and competition will take place over January 13-16th, 2023, and for its 11th year is once again hosted in Downtown Miami’s historic Bayfront Park. Learn more about how you can attend, or catch the livestream at

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