UEFA Release Film in Partnership with Shoot the Company to Tackle Discrimination

Some of the biggest names in football, past and present, have come together to talk about their own personal experiences of the racism and discrimination that continues to blight the world’s most popular sport in ‘Outraged’, an original UEFA-produced documentary in partnership with Shoot the Company, live now on

Continuing their five-year partnership with Shoot the Company, UEFA has again chosen the award-winning production agency to produce the feature-length documentary that tackles discrimination in football. Featuring the game’s biggest names including Paul Pogba, Megan Rapinoe, Jose Mourinho, Pernille Harder and many others.

Two years in the making, Shoot the Company travelled across Europe and beyond to explore attitudes to Racism, Homophobia, Sexism and Refugee Inclusion in football and to ask: “What more can be done by everybody to eradicate hate from the game?”

The film, released on 23rd December on, and will then be broadcast globally in January 2021 by UEFA’s partner broadcasters as part of UEFA’s dedication to change perceptions and do everything in their power to improve football and the lives of those involved.

Tom Hillier, founder at Shoot the Company said: “The global reach and power of football is unarguable, and we share the vision of both UEFA’s and the contributors in ‘Outraged’, that the game has the potential to affect real change. It’s been a pleasure for Shoot the Company to be the lead production company for UEFA and help share such an important message globally. UEFA has now worked with Shoot the Company for five years and our award- winning work together is testament to our truly trusted partnership that blends a passion for football with the detailed understanding of the messages we want to communicate. Having the biggest names from biggest sport come together to fight discrimination is inspiration for us all to help to create a more tolerant world.”

The full film can be seen here.

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