UYN unleashes Brandnation to handle retained PR and influencer brief

UYN, Unleash Your Nature, has appointed Brandnation as its retained UK PR and influencer agency.

The marketing and communications agency has been briefed by UYN, of Trere Innovation – a global leader in technical innovation in sports apparel – to work across the depth and breadth of their product range – from baselayers to socks, shoes to high performance activewear.

Brandnation’s PR team will be responsible for developing UYN’s media communications strategy, handling all product launches and testing opportunities; international experiential and managing their ambassador and sponsorship opportunities.

Trere Innovation and UYN are an Italian award-winning company with international recognition at ISPO in recent years. A primary supplier for many of the European Ski Teams including the British Ski Federation, their research and development centre in Asola, Italy, is the hub of their ingenuity, with their one-of-a-kind Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport – AREAS – laboratory opening to press in October 2023.

Work in AREAS has already begun, and UYN will be launching their Biotech underwear line in September, the first in the world made exclusively from bio-based materials. The line of products capture their core values: nature and technology, performance and sustainability.

Mary Killingworth, Managing Director at Brandnation, said: “UYN is a sleeping giant of the outdoors market – producing high quality, technically superior products for years – and yet in the UK they’ve not had the wider acclaim that they’re worthy of. Brandnation’s goal is to expand their reach across all editorial channels and help deliver them the recognition that they deserve.”

Mattia Bazzoni, Head of Communications at UYN, said: “Having a trusted partner like Brandnation to drive our awareness and media relationships in the UK is an incredible exciting prospect for 2023 and beyond. With the formal opening of AREAS, we’re looking forward to welcoming all our international partners to see the work we’ve been doing to make apparel and footwear ever more efficient.

UYN is distributed through Ski Exchange, and will be available throughout the UK including Snow+Rock.

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