Vote for Snugpak’s EOCA Project to support the plantation of 10,000 Native trees

As part of the European Outdoor Conservation Association’s (EOCA) funding scheme, leading British sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, Snugpak, has chosen to support the plantation of 10,000 Native trees at the Froxán Community Conservation Area in Galicia, Spain.

People can vote by clicking here before the deadline, 23rd March 2018.

The project has been proposed by three organisations who have already been working together for over two years on a number of environmental and conservation initiatives in the area: Verdegaia is a Galacian environmental NGO that has the goal of protecting the environment and promoting conservation. Sociedade Histórica e Cultural Coluna Sanfins is a local community nonprofit in Froxán, working together with Froxán Commons, the stewardship body in biodiversity conservation, restoration of degraded areas and environmental education. The two latter organisations hold responsibility for the Froxán ICCA Community Conserved Area.

The 100 hectare Froxán Commons in Galicia was the first Indigenous and Community Conserved Area (ICCA) to enter the World Database on Protected Areas after going through a national peer-review process, and has been the focus of rewilding and restoration work. It includes a diversity of important habitats, including temperate forests and heathlands. It is also a Special Interest Landscape Site and allows visitors spectacular views of two estuaries from the mountain crest. However, it is threatened by invasive exotic tree species that are hard to eradicate and which increase the risk of fire and reduce biodiversity.

Involving the local community, the Snugpak nominated project will remove Acacia and Eucalyptus trees over 20 hectares and plant 10,000 native trees to restore natural woodlands. Four hectares of wet heath will be restored through the removal of drainage ditches and the propagation of heather and other species. A circular 8km trail will also be installed for locals and visitors to enjoy the area.

Not only will people and plant life benefit from the restoration, the project will also help to secure the future of the Endangered Iberian Wolf and other animals which are essential for the survival of the biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem, such as Wild Boar and European Badgers.

Designed to harness the power of the outdoor industry and to raise money to donate to grass roots conservation groups, EOCA is a not-for-profit initiative from the European outdoor industry and is funded by membership and other fundraising activities within the outdoor industry. 100% of membership fees go to the support of projects and membership is open to anyone that can demonstrate an involvement in the European outdoor industry.

It is quick and easy (no sign up required) to vote for Snugpak’s project in the Forest category, just visit the following link before the deadline, 23rd March 2018:

For further information or to buy online via one of Snugpak’s preferred stockists, please visit or call 01535 654479.

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