Winmau’s passion for developing Junior Darts, led to the development of the latest Winmau Team 360

Winmau’s passion for developing Junior Darts has led to the development of the latest Winmau Team 360 High Performance (T-360) program with the specific purpose of helping very talented Junior Dart player progress as far as they can both in and out of the game.

The Winmau T-360 Program will be aimed specifically at fast tracking the very best Junior Darts Talent across the World with personal one-on-one mentoring to training and events.

Managed personally by Steve Brown, Chairman of the JDC he will enable all Winmau T-360 players to develop and perform whilst learning to love the game and the hard work associated with becoming the best that you can be.

Steve Brown said “Becoming a direct mentor away from my role as the JDC Chairmen will allow me to prepare our most talented juniors to keep moving their darts and lives going forward and is something that I’ve always be passionate about. Having a platform like the Winmau T-360 program is amazing so that hopefully we can help as many kids develop to the best level that they can in the right way”.

Winmau in association with the JDC and Steve Brown will publish a clear plan and strategy around the long-term view they have in the sport to help address the specific challenges many young dart players face.

This Winmau program looks at what the T-360 program aims to achieve for players over time and within a flexible and fun framework, supporting our most talented Junior Darts players to achieve a balanced life and success.

Simon Hall Head of Marketing said “The Winmau T-360 High Performance Program is built on the superb successes of both the JDC’s outstanding current Junior system and Steve’s Browns personal coaching experience, where the T-360 program allows us to add our unique blend of technical and player development talents directly with Steve Brown’s proven track record in backing and developing players on a more fast track bespoke basis and we are really excited to seeing the team grow and the players within it”.

The Winmau Team 360 Program will work with all junior dart players across the world helping provide the building blocks to future proofing our sport.

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