Your brightness is going interstellar with Brooks’ Run Visible Collection

Brooks Running, expert in running shoe technology, has launched its latest update of the Run Visible Collection, which gives runners more time to run in all types of weather.

The Run Visible Collection consists of performance running apparel, shoes and accessories that allow you to be recognised as a runner by a moving vehicle from 600 feet away.

The trio of 3M Scotchlite Carbon Black Stretch reflectivity in critical motion zones, contrasting colours, and unique fluorescence work together to help runners to shine when the sun is down. The new collection of Brooks is available from on

Brooks’ Run Visible Collection is specifically designed to not only keep you seen, but also allow you to be recognised as a runner through Brooks’ innovative design features. and the collection is made with innovative retroreflective material in critical motion zones. Whether it’s at sunrise or sundown, wet or dry, cold weather or warm. The combination of fluorescence, contrast colours and 3M Carbon Black retro reflectivity ensures runners are clearly visible at low-light conditions. The collection uses high-contrast, high-visibility colors like nightlife yellow, one of the easiest colours to see in low-light conditions. Also on the Run Visible Ghost 14, the Glycerin 20 and the Glycerin GTS 20, reflective hits and fluorescent accents deliver a highly visible pop of colour.

Three quarters of runners would run in the dark more with the right gear

The latest update of its Run Visible Collection is Brooks’ answer to a growing demand for suitable running apparel, shoes and accessories for runners who want to run after sunset or at dawn. Research amongst 3.639 of runners from 7 countries shows that 34% runs in the dark from time to time, whereas 21% indicates they only do this when wearing lights and/or reflective gear to be visible. 31% has never run before sunset or sundown.

74% stressed that they would be ready to do this more often if they could wear the right gear, enabling them to be seen in traffic. A reason not to run, is that runners are afraid for their own safety (56%), fear they are not visible enough (34%) or that it’s either too early or too late to run (25%).

If runners decide to run during this time of day, 78% wear the right gear, such as a headlight and reflecting apparel. Moreover, 81% takes extra precautions to make sure they are seen at low-light conditions. Reasons why runners like to run at this time of day, is that the streets are quieter (44%), because it is the only time they are able to run (39%) and because it is more relaxing for them (32%).

Brave the cold or run in the heat

The Run Visible collection is aimed at both men and women and consists of versatile pieces for hot and cold weather. Within the apparel range you can choose from several types of Run Visible tops, ranging from both thermal and lightweight jackets and vests to long sleeves, short sleeves and also a tank top.

The jacket has a special feature, as it converts into a vest. For the bottom you can pick Run Visible tights or shorts. Whether you want to brave the cold weather or run in the heat, the strategic retro reflectivity helps you to be recognised as a runner in the dark or low light. Choose from the reflective, Ghost 14, Glycerin 20 and Glycerin GTS 20 to match the apparel.

With fluorescent accents and comfort for miles, this gear is always the bright choice. Top it off with the right reflective Run Visible accessories and nothing can stop you from running more miles in the dark.

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