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Waka Waka Choose Myagi for Retail Training

Waka Waka have chosen Myagi as their online training provider to ensure sales associates in their retailers across the country are familiar with their new and innovative product ranges.

WakaWaka is a global social enterprise that develops and sells portable solar products for the outdoor and sports industries. Their business model is simple: by purchasing WakaWaka solar powered products, you share the sun with someone living without access to electricity! WakaWaka have chosen Myagi as the best way to engage with sales associates here in the UK, training them on how to best introduce this innovative and socially conscious product to the consumer and the key selling points, features and benefits of each device.

With WakaWaka, everybody is able to tap into the sun. From earthquake survivors, rural farmers, office commuters, sports lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, they can all make use of solar products with the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.

Follow this link for an introduction to WakaWaka and their core range: Learn about the fascinating heritage this brand has and the great work they are doing to benefit communities in poverty stricken regions of Liberia and Sierra Leone to name a few.
Waka Waka, Share the Sun.

Using bite sized lessons, Myagi empowers retail sales associates to become masters of customer experience. Working with brands and retailers we ensure that these same associates have brand, product and skills based training right in their pocket through our App.

Myagi is The Online Training Platform consisting of Specialist Brands and Retailers working together to improve sales and customer experience in Sports, Outdoor and Cycle retail. Joining and using Myagi to train your sales associates is *Free of Charge*. So that you see the best training possible and maintain confidentiality you will be asked to create a personal account when you sign up. We won’t sell or use your information for external marketing to anyone ever. Join Myagi today and see how access to great training from hundreds of brands can transform your business.

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