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Jordan Fitness introduces freestanding squat stand

Jordan Fitness has introduced a new space saving, freestanding squat stand to its range of functional fitness equipment.

The product is ideal for use in a gym or studio where maximising space is essential and a full power rack may not be suitable.

The squat stand does not require securing to the floor and so can be moved around to different areas.

With a smaller footprint of only 1380mm x 1450mm and more cost effective than power racks, the squat stand is great for use on its own, with a bench or with a weightlifting platform – all also available from Jordan Fitness.

Compact yet cleverly designed, it can be used with a 7ft Olympic bar and is also fully height and width adjustable.

The safety squat bars are also adjustable at four heights.

“The new Jordan Fitness squat stand is perfect for key exercises such as squats, lunges, hang cleans, hang snatches, jerks, bent over rows, seated presses, bench press and supine triceps extensions,” Allan Collins, director of education at Jordan Fitness, says.

“The safety squat bars are set in front of the main uprights for squatting to or as bar rests when doing exercises like the Romanian deadlift, hang snatches, sleans, pulls or bent over rows.

“Ideal for commercial and home use settings, the Jordan Fitness squat stand gives versatility and performance in a small space.”

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