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Maru launches autumn/winter 08 collection

Maru Swimwear is to launch its new autumn/winter 2008 collection on July 1 in over 400 UK sports shops, as well as a range of online retailers and health clubs.

Bright new colours, patterns and designs have been introduced throughout the range, from Maru’s long-life Pacer suits to its sporty leisure and kids’ swimwear ranges. Thin-strap suits for women continue to be in high demand, while for men the ‘must-have’ trend continues to be 19” & 21” swim shorts. When it comes to kids, sparkle is all the rage for girls and cool dive shorts for boys.

New swim equipment items have also been introduced, from top-quality swim bags for active swimmers to a new range of cartoon swim bags and swim hats for kids. Maru has also developed a new technical goggle for professional swimmers called the Techo Racer – an ultra-low-profile goggle for racing that reduces drag.

Says Roger Allen, director of Maru Swimwear: “We have developed and designed an incredible new autumn/winter collection this year for our customers. Maggie Upton, our design director, is to be commended on a new range, which exudes energy and pzazz. Once again, she has succeeded in designing a great new collection which seamlessly marries technical excellence and optimum performance with vibrant colours and sophisticated style – Maru’s unique trade mark.”

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