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Pulseroll – Classic Vibrating Foam Roller;

Classic Vibrating Foam Roller;

The Pulseroll Classic Vibrating foam roller is the first of it’s kind within the UK and the best roller on the market. The vibration combined with the remote control means the roller does the work for you. The Classic foam roller also comes with a range of scientifically proven benefits such as improving general muscle health and recovery time after hard training leading to DOMS. Not only this but the vibration increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. The classic foam roller is the prefect recovery tool as it can significantly improve recovery time. The Classic roller has 4 different speed settings. The low power settings are also ideal for a relaxing massage and the high levels deliver a more intense deep tissue massage. Use your body weight and the different settings the vibrating foam roller is able to deliver a deeper, more intense vibration therapy.

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