Sports Tech Innovator Slinger Bag Smashes Global Sales Targets

Sports Tech Innovator Slinger Bag Smashes Global Sales Targets

Slinger Bag’s revolutionary new sports technology has quickly become the hottest thing in tennis

BALTIMORE, Slinger Bag (OTCQB: SLBG), a sports brand launched in 2020 and focused on innovating game improvement equipment for all ball sports with an initial focus on the global tennis market, reports stellar demand and distribution growth around the world in its first year of sales. The Company’s Slinger Bag ball launcher is now sold in 37+ countries globally across six continents and is widely acknowledged as the hottest new product addition to the US and global tennis market.

Tennis participation in the US has been on the uptick over the last year as recently published in a new PAC report and referenced by the USTA. Slinger Bag has both benefited and contributed to this growth during the pandemic in US and global markets.

Internationally, Slinger Bag has secured global distribution deals totaling over $200M in consumer value over 5 years, despite general market depression due to the effects of the global pandemic. Slinger Bag, is the world’s most portable tennis ball launcher, and since its launch in Spring 2020, has received continuous critical acclaim, and surpassed all sales and growth targets where it is sold around the world. Slinger Bag has been recognized by global federations like the LTA (UK) and global organisations like Peter Burwash International (PBI) and has signed deals bringing Slinger Bag to the centerstage of global tennis markets.

According to Slinger Bag’s CEO, Mike Ballardie, “We’re delighted by the phenomenal success and growth of Slinger Bag internationally. Our product has filled a gap in the tennis market, offering best in class performance and a design that’s a game changer for tennis. Sales have beaten all forecasts to date and we expect this trend to continue in all markets as we progress through the pandemic, and continue to see tennis coming back to centerstage as a highly followed and played sport.”

Slinger Bag enables tennis players to get out on court to play at any time without the need to find a playing partner – whether that be at their club, local park, on their driveways or in any other available open space. Slinger Bag is lightweight, wheeled like a trolley bag, and easily transported in the trunk of the smallest saloon or sedan car. It also provides players the versatility to store all of their tennis gear including racquets, shoes, towels and accessories. At the average price of two to three performance tennis racquets, Slinger Bag is highly affordable when compared to traditional ball machines with similar performance. Building on the success of the tennis ball launcher, the company plans to roll out launchers for the pickleball and padel tennis markets later this year, and is currently developing launchers for other ball sports.

The Global Tennis Trade Perspective on Slinger Bag:

Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Dunlop International Europe Ltd., Frans Swinkels, Managing Director. “We are delighted to leverage Dunlop’s network across the largest tennis markets in Europe to bring Slinger Bag’s dynamic and high performance ball launcher to avid tennis players, coaches, clubs and tennis specialists. We are pleased to have opened our own ecommerce webshop dedicated to Slinger and foresee an increase in demand once all tennis activities across Europe reopen. We look ahead to a bright future for tennis in which a tennis partner for day-to-day use will always be available for training and tennis improvement purposes.”

UK & Ireland. Framework Sports, Jon Ballardie, Director. “Framework has seen unprecedented demand for Slinger Bag since our launch in June 2020. Orders have flooded in from coaches, players, parents, celebrities and as a result we have expanded our warehouse and logistics operation to a second site to accommodate the demand. Slinger Bag is the most innovative head-turning product I have been involved with during my 25 years working in the Tennis Industry and it is, without doubt, the hottest tennis product Framework has been involved with in its 30 years of trading in the tennis business.”

Australia. TennisOnly, Hayden Gibson, Managing Director. “Slinger Bag has launched with great success in Australia. It’s a unique product at a unique price point appealing to all varieties of tennis players. In the six short months the Slinger Bag has been available for sale in Australia it has already reached No 1 selling ball machine status. Strong sales are expected to continue throughout the Australian Summer of Tennis.”

India. Racquets4U, Dinesh Saini, Director (Marketing). “Slinger was officially launched through our web in mid-January, and our marketing team has been continuously conducting demo sessions across various cities and creating awareness about Slinger and highlighting its functionality and utility to the Tennis fraternity. The initial response is very encouraging and the product immediately catches the imagination of the people.”

Singapore. Tennis Bot, Greg Experton, Founder. “Since launching Slinger Bag in Singapore, we have been delighted by the strong response from tennis players of all levels and coaches. They see the differentiated value offered by Slinger: its transportability, affordability, simplicity, and wide-range of capabilities. Our success certainly looks to mirror that of Slinger in other global territories.”

Japan. Globeride, Shinobu Kobayashi, Executive Director. “Globeride has launched Slinger to the Japanese tennis community in July 2020. It is a new and innovative training product and the level of interest from players of all ages and abilities has been incredible. As a distribution partner to Slinger and with our 45 years experience in the tennis market we see a huge potential for the Slinger Bag business in Japan and we are investing our energy and expertise as a leading Tennis company to deliver that potential.”

Switzerland. ACE Distribution, Philipp Kunz, Managing Director. “Slinger Bag has launched with great success in Switzerland. Within 5 month we made many players very happy. Strong sales to players, coaches and clubs help us to grow the business. Including the Swiss Tennis Federation which strongly believes in the product.”

The Slinger Bag is available to order now – to find out more about Slinger Bag, visit

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