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Rawvelo – Sports nutrition that’s better for you – and the planet too

Doing right for the environment is an endurance challenge we can’t afford to lose pace on. That’s why we have created a range of plant-based sports nutrition that helps to sustain the planet as well as your performance. Because pushing your limits in the sport you love shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Why choose Rawvelo energy gels?

Some athletes find that traditional energy gels can cause digestive issues. That’s the last thing you need when you’re tackling an epic mountain ascent. Our gels are clean, organic and natural, made from a delicate balance of fruit juices, coconut sugar and natural brown rice syrup. No preservatives. No artificial colours. No synthetic flavouring. It makes our gels gentler on the stomach and stokes your furnace with a fast-absorbing jolt of natural energy. You tell your brain to keep pushing. We’ll tell your body. Go get it.

Blood Orange Organic Energy Gel

Power on. Orange juice combines with grape and lemon to create a refreshing, invigorating energy gel packed with natural fruit flavours. Designed for use immediately before or during exercise to tackle exertion with a fast-absorbing energy boost. Let’s go.

“The blood orange gels are my favourite, it is so refreshing to have a gel that actually tastes like real fruit and not just super sweet and synthetic.” – Jasmine Jones, Cyclist at Bianchi HUNT Morvelo

Blueberry and Hibiscus Organic Energy Gel with 50mg Natural Caffeine

We’ve added hibiscus extract to a blend of blueberry, grape and lemon juice as well as natural sugars and caffeine to create this invigorating energy gel. Floral and fruity with a touch of tartness, it’s an extraordinary taste for extraordinary efforts. Designed for use immediately before or during exercise to tackle exertion with a fast-absorbing energy boost. Let’s go.

Passionfruit and Coconut Organic Energy Gel

We’ve added passionfruit juice, grape juice and lemon juice to our unique blend of natural sugars to create this invigorating, tropical tasting energy gel. Both refreshing and replenishing, grab a mouthful of sunshine to power your endurance efforts. Designed for use immediately before or during exercise to tackle exertion with a fast-absorbing energy boost. Let’s go.

Why choose Rawvelo?

This is natural nutrition for those who are conscious of the products they consume while also considering the environmental impact of what they purchase. No preservatives, nothing artificial, just plant-powered sports nutrition.
Our products are 100% organic. That’s important.
Organic farming helps to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides and prevents pollutants leaching into soil and water systems. It’s the key to creating a healthy and sustainable food system. For you, for farmers, for neighbouring communities. For everyone.
This approach helps to combat climate change too. Organic farming is less energy intensive than conventional agriculture, storing more carbon in the soil and cutting atmospheric emissions. So when you nourish yourself with Rawvelo, feel free to indulge in a post-exercise glow that burns a little brighter.

Packaging & recycling

Our duty to the environment extends beyond the creation and consumption of our products. What happens after is important too. So we’ve thought carefully about packaging. Our bars and drinks sachets are made from polypropylene; our drinks pouches are made from polyethylene. Both polymer materials can be recycled easily.

Our gel wrappers are made from foil-lined polypropylene which requires specialist recycling that’s not yet widely available in the UK. So, to solve this issue we have teamed up with First Mile recycling – an industry leader in hard to recycle packaging. Simply collect your gel wrappers, pop them in an envelope and write FREEPOST First Mile on the front (and Rawvelo on the back so they know it’s from us) before posting at your local postbox. Done.
All postal packaging, display boxes and outer packaging is made from fully recyclable card that already contains a percentage of post-consumer material. We use non-toxic vegan inks and only ever use fully recyclable paper tape.

We are currently taking on new retail partners across running, cycle and sports speciality. If you are interested in knowing more about Rawvelo please visit or contact , 07788550191.

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