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Sunwise Chromafusion 2.0 technology boasts impressive features

Sunwise Anti-Fog technology can be found within the Chromafusion 2.0 lenses, featuring a completely unique anti-fog property.

Through intensive innovation and development, Sunwise has created a highly effective anti-fog lens with the ability to perform in some of the most intense conditions.

This advance technology eliminates the need to cut holes into the lenses, for uncompromising vision quality.

Sunwise light-reacting (photochromic) lenses adapt to changing light conditions, while continuously filtering UV light, reducing glare and eye fatigue.

Sunwise light-reacting technology reacts to the sun light within seconds, making these glasses perfect for use early in the morning until dusk, without the need to change lenses, while ensuring full protection by blocking 100 per cent UVA&B rays 100 per cent of the time.

The perfect solution for any changing environment.

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