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Two-time channel swimmer has EAGLE eyes

Paul Hopfensperger has become the 84th person in history to swim the English Channel more than once, becoming a two-time Channel swimmer on September 12, 2008 after swimming from England to France in 13 hours and three minutes. Paul was supported by Aqua Sphere swim equipment and states: “I made sure I had an Aqua Sphere hat, EAGLE goggles and swimwear, and they were brilliant. The EAGLE goggles didn’t steam up once, and I had them on solidly the entire time. They are simply fantastic. The best goggles I have ever used ”

The EAGLE goggle offers 180-degree, wide-angle vision using Aqua Sphere’s signature curved lens technology. It is also the first goggle to be packaged with interchangeable clear and tinted curved lenses, which enable the swimmer to simply ‘pop out and swap’ the lenses to suit changing weather or light conditions. In addition, a choice of lightweight curved prescription lenses are also available, giving swimmers the chance to customise their goggles with low-cost ophthalmic lenses without having to visit an optician. Launched two years ago, the innovation of the EAGLE was recognised when it beat off stiff competition to win The Best Designed Sport Kit category at the Sport Industry Awards 2006.
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