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USN presents the ‘Blue Partner’ Programme.

USN presents the ‘Blue Partner’ Programme.
Created for suppliers of the USN brand to highlight product awareness and availability with chosen outlets.

As part of the ‘Blue Programme’, USN can supply bespoke exterior and interior point of sale items, which will help you to educate your consumer on supplementation This will also give your business the added value in order to increase sales and stay ahead of your competition. For more information on how you can be part of the USN ‘Blue Partner’ Programme, email blue or call 0845 1800 556.

Testimonial brief notes:
Iceberg Supplements Ltd
• Since branding the store with USN the public response has been fantastic. USN is a well-known brand in the gym environment and people who previously drove or walked past our store regularly visit.
• We found the USN store branding has increased sales and attention from the press. Since the branding Iceberg/USN have featured in The Sun newspaper.
• Gym enthusiasts looking for USN products visit and recommend our store to others.
• We are happy with the positive effect the USN branding has had on our store.
Ice @ Iceberg Supplements Limited

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