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Vegan Friendly Socks From Bridgedale

Bridgedale has embraced the trend for vegan socks with its new non-wool collection within their HIKE category.

Featuring Coolmax®, these 4 styles, offer a non-wool sock alternative, each having as many features and benefits as their wool counterparts, keeping your feet as comfortable and protected for all-day use. With Bridgedale’s FusionTech technology these socks bring all the advantages of Coolmax – soft on the skin, quick moisture-wicking, breathable, durable and fast-drying onto the hills. Styles include: Lightweight T2 Coolmax Performance, Boot – this sock has a close supportive fit with targeted padding, balanced insulation and outstanding durability Ultralight T2 Coolmax Performance, Boot – this is a highly ventilated sock, with targeted T2 (double loop protection) at the heel, ball of foot and toes.

As well as Ultralight T2 Coolmax Performance, Low and Lightweight Coolmax Comfort. These highly-technical socks are a great choice for Vegans as neither performance nor ethics are compromised – ‘Little Things Matter’

Little by little.Step by step. We’re changing the world beneath your feet.

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