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Vessel Athletics: an Activewear Startup

Will Officially Launch on Kickstarter

San Jose, Calif. – This summer, Vessel Athletics will debut its iteration of activewear clothing for runners who need a fresh take on hydration gear. Rather than wearing a heavy hydration backpack or holding a water bottle for an extended period of time, Vessel Athletics is integrating the key benefits of on-the-go hydration into its patent-pending activewear tops.

“It all started three years ago when I struggled to find a way to rehydrate during my long runs”, said Jasmine Sanchez, founder of Vessel Athletics and avid half-marathoner. “Current hydration products on the market fell short of my expectation because they were either too heavy or too flimsy, making them cumbersome to use.”

Stemming from Jasmine’s dissatisfaction with current hydration products, the idea for Vessel Athletics was born. As a student at San Jose State University, she joined IDEAS—a club that focuses on helping student entrepreneurs jumpstart their businesses which helped her get to where she is today.

Vessel coined Hyrdroshirt® from its innovative way of delivering hydration to runners. Their shirts are outfitted with a 32 oz removable hydration pack that connects to a bite-valve straw. The mechanism works by allowing runners to drink water at their own pace, delivering hydration when they need it most. The elastic strap on the front of the shirt keeps the hydration pack in place during long runs without compromising stability and comfort.

Vessel Athletics is on a mission to help runners reach new heights and perform at their maximum ability. After years of testing and product development, they’re finally ready to launch on Kickstarter. Over 200 runners have already signed up to their waiting list. They have an initial goal of raising $25K and need the support of passionate runners to help bring Vessel Athletics to life.

To stay up-to-date on Vessel Athletics’ launch, sign up to their waitlist by visiting:

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