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How to make losing weight fun, according to a fitness expert

Whilst working out is by no means meant to be easy, having fun isn’t just crucial for our own enjoyment, but is also crucial for your fitness success. If you find your workouts boring, you’re less likely to want to do them, which increases the likelihood that you’ll either workout less, or stop altogether, which will limit the effectiveness of your weight loss journey.

For those looking to inject a little more fun into your next workout, Dean Zweck, Product Development Manager at Total Fitness, has shared his insights to ensure you’re making the most of your workouts, helping you to lose weight and enjoy yourself during the process.

Find the Right Workout
The first step to any fitness regime is to build yourself a workout. Whilst you may be focused on which exercises will help you lose weight the fastest, enjoying each exercise is crucial. Forcing yourself to do certain exercises because you think they’ll help you lose weight may feel like a wise idea, but in the long run you’re likely to become demotivated, which end up having the opposite effect.

In order to find a workout that you enjoy, first take the time to familiarise yourself with different exercises. Trying out anything from weights machines to cardio and swimming will allow you to find the exercise you enjoy the most. Once familiarised, build a routine around the exercises you enjoy. If you like doing these exercises, you’re much more likely to keep at it for longer.

Switch Things Up

Now you’ve got your workout routine sorted, don’t feel like you’re stuck with it forever. Whilst repetition can be a positive during workouts, it can also grow tiresome when you’re doing the same exercises over and over.

After a while, if you’re finding yourself feeling bored by your workouts, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Identify the exercises that are proving unexciting and replace them with new ones that you enjoy. Finding exercises boring may also be a sign that they’re too easy for you, which in itself is a sign that your fitness levels are improving. Here’s where working with a trainer can help, providing other options to always keep your training fresh, fun and challenging.

Buddy Up

They’re the people we turn to when we need cheering up and to have a laugh with, so why not turn to a friend to make your workouts more enjoyable? Whether you want to gossip on the treadmills or spot each other on the barbells, bringing a friend along for your workouts can help to inject some more fun into your routine.

Not only do friends bring fun, they can also offer support and accountability. For the days where motivation is a little harder to come by, or you’re struggling to keep on top of things, a friend can help to make sure you stay on track, ensuring you’re still working out towards your weight loss goals.

Entertain Yourself

What do we do when we’re bored at home? We seek out entertainment, whether watching our favourite film or playing a game. When you’re finding the gym repetitive, the same principle also applies. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself in the gym to make your workouts as enjoyable as possible.

One of the best ways to entertain yourself is to listen to some music. Whether you like to listen to some laid-back songs, or some fist pumping tunes, music can help to shift focus away from your workouts and onto the songs themselves. To make the most of your favourite songs, build a gym playlist that you know will help to carry you through.
The beauty of modern gyms is that the equipment is also packed full of free entertainment. From playing solitaire whilst on the bike to watching your new Netflix obsession whilst on the treadmill, they’re all ways to help you push through each workout.

Join a Class
Joining a class can be another great way to inject some fun into your weight loss journey. With the variety of classes now on offer, from Spin classes to Pilates, you can pick and choose which classes best suit you, allowing you to try out different workouts, as well as helping you to find new workouts that you can build into your everyday fitness regime.

Classes are also a great opportunity to socialise, which can easily make workouts more fun. With the rise of group exercise classes, such as Total Fitness’ new Squad Sessions, whether you’re attending with current friends, or looking to make new ones, classes give you a chance to get up and spend time with people, whilst also helping you to lose weight.

So, if your workouts are starting to feel a little repetitive, or you’re struggling to get into the groove, there are plenty of ways to make your workouts as fun as possible, making working out feel like less of a chore.

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