Connected fitness and charitable donations: A new approach to employee wellbeing

Connected fitness took the world by storm during the pandemic for home use. Now corporations have discovered the benefits it has for employee connection, unity, health, and wellbeing.

Home fitness brand Echelon is showcasing its commitment to mental health this Autumn, by hosting charity rides in partnership with Mental Health UK and supporting workplaces with fitness challenges to improve employee wellbeing.

Exertis, one of the UK&I’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, will be using 10 Echelon bikes as they embark on the Exertis Charity Committee’s first initiative, ‘Ride to Exertis Almo’. The organisation has set a target of £125,000 to raise in the Charity Committee’s inaugural year, of which Mental Health UK will be the beneficiary. Colleagues will amass distance by peddling on Echelon EX5S bikes using the Echelon app to reach a goal of 1,750 miles, which is the equivalent of halfway between Exertis UK and Exertis Almo’s Philadelphia headquarters. Simultaneously, staff at Exertis Almo in America will also be accumulating 1,750 miles by riding on bikes and are raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in their own community.

Exertis reached out to Echelon for this charitable initiative as part of a game-changing approach to their company culture. A commitment to mental wellbeing within the workplace is something that Echelon is passionate about, and partnerships like this demonstrate the benefit offered to businesses from using Echelon products for corporate initiatives. Investing in employee wellbeing can bring a range of positive benefits to companies, from improved physical and mental health, to increased team bonding and morale, as well as encouraging the safe return of employees to offices, and helping the business to drive charitable donations and sponsorships.

Managing Director for Echelon Fit UK, Helen Wilkinson, said: “Echelon is proud to be able to assist The Exertis Charity Committee as they strive to inspire the goodwill of its people across the organisation to be charitable, giving purpose to the community spirit of the company, as this is a value proposition shared by Echelon.”

The first Echelon ride for Mental Health UK took place at 6pm on Monday 22nd August. Including a guest speaker from Mental Health UK, who shared their expertise on how to support yourself, family and friends with mental health challenges. Mental Health UK have been helping people with their mental health for nearly 50 years, and by working together Echelon believe in highlighting the role exercise can play in improving mental wellbeing.

Find out more about the partnership and upcoming rides at

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